Herd Health, Vaccinations (incl. Calfhood), Consulting, Internal Medicine, Testing Procedures – Tuberculosis, Pseudorabies, Trichomonas, Brucellosis, Fertility; Dehorning, Deworming, C-Sections, Dystocia Correction, Routine Surgery, Pregnancy Evaluation / Ultrasound, Heat synchronization / Artificial Insemination, Castrations, Ambulatory and 24hr. Emergency Services, In-House Laboratory

Services Include

 Herd Health

 Vaccinations (incl. Calfhood)


 Internal Medicine

 Testing Procedures









 Dystocia Correction

 Routine Surgery

 Pregnancy Evaluation / Ultrasound

 Heat synchronization

 Artificial Insemination


 In-House Laboratory

 Ambulatory and 24hr. Emergency Services

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